Inspiration & Story

Our brand has a predominant French flair. Thus, the story and the theme for the designs we created were inspired by sophistication, mannerisms and the revolution in society of the late Baroque era in France known as Rococo.

The artists opted for a more jocular, florid and graceful approach to Baroque art and architecture. Rococo was ornate and made a strong usage of creamy, pastel-like colors, asymmetrical designs, curves and gold.In women’s clothing, Rococo brought elegance, refinement, decoration, but also capriciousness and extravagance.

Our designers have created special garments for the Savoir Vivre collection, each suited for a variety of personal tastes and uses.


Female apparel by Ivana Knez

Ivana Knez graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. She is one of the leading names as a theatre costume designer in South East Europe.
In 2009, she founded ‘Drama’ as a brand and a themed label, where she effectively merged the magic of the theater boards into the fashion scene. Creating unique pieces, each one with a specific story, the collection encompasses jewelry items, female apparel and accessories.
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Luxury garment by Romero Bryan

Romero Bryan graduated from the London College of Fashion and comes from fashion and tailoring family roots. His first designs were released at just 12 years of age. Vogue has designated him as a “boy wonder.”
Romero Bryan is known for his signature pieces; hand-finished silk chiffon dresses and tops that flatter the female form with masterful drapery. The use of exquisite quality materials combined with a modern interpretation of classic cuts result in sophisticated and ‘timeless pieces’.
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