Social media has grown exponentially popular in recent years, and with good reason. It has brought us all together and helped us to achieve a great number of things. But, it’s not all selfies and ice-bucket challenges. There’s a dark side to social media as well. In fact, there’s been much speculation about the dangers of social media and the effects that it is having on our children’s mental health.

It’s a double edged-sword. Social media brings so much good to the world, but a lot of negativity as well. Of course, the key is to finding the right balance. All that being said; it’s brought us closer to things we could otherwise only dream of. For example: the power of social media allows us to see life through the eyes of a Royal Family member.

Back in the day, Royal’s would sit in their ‘ivory towers’ and look down on their subjects, rarely being seen by the public eye. Nowadays, all you need to do is jump onto your smart phone and you can see what your favourite Royal’s have had for breakfast!

When you stop to think about it, it’s crazy to imagine that today, we can access the more intimate areas of our Royal leaders’ private lives. Though however strange, there are a number of Royal’s out there who are doing social media the right way, that’s for certain! They’re demonstrating that they’re normal people like us and that they care deeply for public issues. The only difference is; their immense wealth allows them to afford gold-plated cars, jump out of airplanes and live in luscious, shiny mansions!

In this post, we’re going to look at the Arabic Royal family members who are cleaning up on social media. If insta-stalking the wealthy is a guilty pleasure of yours, then these are the key people that you need to follow:

1 – Dubai’s Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

The beloved ruler of the emirate of Dubai is quite the Instagram sensation as well. With over 1.9 million insta followers, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid shares regular content of him and his children enjoying the immense wealth. You can also stay up to date with a number of his new and innovative initiatives throughout the UAE.

2 – Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid (Fazza)

Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid, or Fazza as he prefers to be called is an absolute internet sensation. He is one of the most beloved Royals, is devilishly handsome and has a love for exploration! Fazza set’s the bar as being the most active Royal family member by far. You can see him jumping out of airplanes, climbing in ice-caves, exploring the plains of Africa and much, much more.

3 – Bahrain’s Princess Dana Al Khalifa

Princess Dana Al Khalifa is an inspiration to many women in the Arabic world, being a successful fashion blogger, businesswoman, and lawyer. Princess Dana Al Khalifa is a London University graduate who loves to share her passion for fashion on her bustling Instagram account.

Of course, there are many influential Royal’s throughout the UAE and you’d do well to follow them all. However, these are our favourite 3! Who are your favourite Royals to follow on social media? We would love to hear from you!