Delicious and Nutritious Food Prepared by Seasoned Chefs & Cooks

If you are looking for reliable and experienced chefs or cooks to cater to yours and your family’s dietary needs, then you should look no further than SAVOIR VIVRE elite housekeeping. We have offered only the highest level of service and care to all our clients since 2013.

We cater to our clients every want and needs; some of the most prestigious and elite families in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and the UAE; providing the highest level of care and professionalism.

We appreciate that life at the top can be extremely demanding and incredibly stressful, and that spare time is not often a commodity that you have an abundance of. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing our clients with favourable assistance, wherever it may be required.

SAVOIR VIVRE guarantees that all of our chefs and cooks will deliver only the highest standard of service, both in and outside of the kitchen. You can expect much of the skill and experience of Gordon Ramsey, with none of the attitude. The only sounds that you will hear coming from your kitchen will be that of hard-work – accompanied by the pleasant scents of the finest food.

Our chefs and cooks pride themselves in being among the very best at what they do and love nothing more than to prepare the most delicious and nutritious foods for our valued clients. Whatever you desire or require; nothing is out of our reach.

We offer full time chefs & cooks in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE

Whether you need a full-time chef, fortnightly assistance with the occasional dinner party, or a cook that will be able to travel with you and your family whenever required; we will provide you with the most suitable and professional culinary experts available.

Our cherished clientele includes some of the most high-profile members of society, including many of the Royal Families and a host of Hollywood and Bollywood actors. This is why you can expect no less than the highest standard of service, flexibility and professionalism from SAVOIR VIVRE.

Whatever your requirements, we will assist and deliver.

Only the most passionate and experienced Chefs and Cooks to cater for your family and friends

We understand that you expect nothing less than the best, having grown accustomed to a certain level of high-class living. SAVOIR VIVRE provide all of our valued clientele with nothing short of the best. Therefore, we source and hire only the finest Chefs available, with a proven track-record and a wealth of experience in the industry.

Like all of our staff, whether Nannies, Butler’s, Housekeepers or Chauffer’s; Our Chef’s go through a vigorous and thorough recruitment procedure so that we can not only guarantee the best level of service; but also, a well-rounded and balanced diet delivered by the most creative and informed dietary experts.

What makes our Chefs and Cooks the best available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Some Chefs want nothing more in life than to own their own chain of restaurants, though many care nothing for the stress and pressure that comes with running a business – the large majority just want to do what they love and live fore; to create and explore the finest foods.

So, if you’re thinking: “If your Chefs are the best, why don’t they work in the most elite and high-end restaurants in the World?” – Our answer is: Because they already have. We hire only the most experienced and promising Chefs so that we can guarantee only the finest quality food.

Our Chefs have a passion for creating and presenting fine foods for the most privileged members of society and relish in the opportunity to share their creative flare.

You can have as much or as little input as you wish. If there is a strict and diet that you want to adhere to then our Chefs can cook whatever you wish. Or alternatively you can let them get on with it, safe in the knowledge that they will amaze you with a wealth of glorious food. Food that will not only meet all of your dietary requirements, but also rend you and your family feeling inspired and wholeheartedly satisfied.

How to book your professional Chef or Cooking service with SAVOIR VIVRE elite housekeeping:

If you like what you read, and you feel that our services may be suitable for you and your needs then please feel free to contact us today. You can either call us on 056 7444 372 or leave us a message here. We will respond quickly and appropriately having found the most suitable candidate to cater for you and yours.

When it comes to Catering, SAVOIR VIVRE have got you covered.