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On Mannerism: The Top 10 Principles of a Formal Royal Palace

If you wish to work in a prestigious setting, such as a Royal Palace, then there are many principles that you must live by. Not just anyone is afforded the great honour of being able to work in a Royal Setting. Instead, the honour is entrusted to those who embrace the following 10 principles: 1 […]

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Social Media Superstars – Which Royals to Follow in the UAE

Social media has grown exponentially popular in recent years, and with good reason. It has brought us all together and helped us to achieve a great number of things. But, it’s not all selfies and ice-bucket challenges. There’s a dark side to social media as well. In fact, there’s been much speculation about the dangers […]

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Getting to know Dubai’s Esteemed Royal Family

The Al Maktoum family are the royal and ruling family of the Dubai emirate. It is headed up by his Royal Highness, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Whilst the royal family of Dubai are loved by the residents of Dubai and the UAE, there are many people outside of the country who don’t know […]

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Does my Private Chef Need to Have a Food Hygiene Certification?

Ultimately, it would very much be down to your own discretion. That being said; you would be taking a big risk, particularly if you have children with allergies. As far as we are concerned, food hygiene certification should be a given. No reputable chef worth their salt would ever dare apply for a job without […]

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Tips To Help Keeping Your Home Clean & Safe For Newborns

Safe & Healthy Cleaning Tips for New-born Babies As a new parent, is there anything more important than keeping our babies safe? Our minds are constantly awash with worry, overthinking this and second guessing that, ultimately frazzling our already tired minds. Well, fortunately for you, SAVOIR VIVRE is here to help! In this post we’re […]

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