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Ideal Uniform standards for a Royal Palace Setting

When it comes to a Royal Palace setting, you can imagine how incredibly high their standards are when it comes to presentation and uniform. One must adhere to the strictest code of conduct at all times, and there are several reasons for this. First of all, your uniform gives a clear indication as to what […]

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Fine Art Maintenance, Cleaning & Preservation Tips

In this post we’re going to take a look at fine art, ways that they deteriorate over time and steps that you can take to alleviate it. When cared for correctly, you can preserve the original quality of a piece of artwork and maintain its beauty for the foreseeable future. Why spend so much money […]

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How to clean delicate silver?

Regarding cutlery in a royal palace or luxury setting, is there a finer way to dine than with silverware? Even in ancient civilisations, people have always recognised the value in silver, and have long been using it to make cutlery for eating. A little-known fact about silver, is that it has anti-septic properties. Simply put […]

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Can a Royal palace be managed like a luxury hotel or is there more?

When it comes to managing a royal palace, there are a number of similarities to that of a luxury hotel. Of course, there are a number of etiquettes that must be adhered to, but they’re not so dissimilar in that excellence and precision are of the greatest importance. In this post, we’re going to look […]

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Top 5 characteristics of the Royal Butler skill-set

The role of a butler is an incredibly important one. For centuries, they have been serving large households, keeping everything organised and on track. Traditionally, a butler will be in charge of a large team of servants, maintaining the dining room, cellar and pantry, and ensuring that all things service-related ran like clockwork. It takes […]

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On Mannerism: The Top 10 Principles of a Formal Royal Palace

If you wish to work in a prestigious setting, such as a Royal Palace, then there are many principles that you must live by. Not just anyone is afforded the great honour of being able to work in a Royal Setting. Instead, the honour is entrusted to those who embrace the following 10 principles: 1 […]

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