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Our House Managers are Exceptional

Are you in need of a House Manager to take charge of your household and see to it that all domestic duties are carried out to the highest level of excellence?
Are you searching for only the most experienced, reliable & professional individuals worthy of servicing and representing your family household?

Then you’ve come to the right place, as SAVOIR VIVRE is the most prestigious Domestic Staff Recruitment Agency servicing Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE.

Since 2013 SAVOIR VIVRE has been providing its valued clientele with services no short of perfection. Among our cherished clientele are some of the most reputable members of society, including many of the Royal Families and a number of Hollywood and Bollywood actors. Therefore, it’s fair to say that we have significant experience in taking great care of people who expect an impeccable level of excellence and professionalism. We appreciate that our clients value their privacy, which is exactly we SAVOIR VIVRE hire only the more experienced and dedicated professionals. This is so that we can guarantee the highest calibre of discretion, couple with passion and virtue.

Our House Managers take charge of their duties with a heightened level of empathy and professionalism

While our Maids and House Keepers are certainly qualified to work to a high standard on their own, ensuring that every task they carry out is done so with great care; if you require a larger team then an experienced and reliable House Manager will be needed. Our House Managers Service can provide you with just that.

Our House Managers are only the most qualified and experienced individuals who will be able to manage your household/s effortlessly, affording you the peace of mind so that you can go about your business knowing that everything is being taken care of. We pride ourselves in delivering the very best for our clients, so we expect just that when hiring our House Managers.

A truly exceptional House Manager is a most organised and efficient individual. That is the most important quality when looking for someone to handle all of the duties in a busy household and see to it that no mistakes are made, whatsoever. Our House Managers deliver perfection, seeing to it that everything is taken care of on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry, let alone lift a finger.
Our job is to provide you with the finest level of service and care so that you can relax entirely and enjoy life absent stress of concern.

Our Promise to You

At SAVOIR VIVRE we are dedicated to providing our clients with an impeccable level of service. We take great pleasure in assisting all of our valued clients and helping towards creating a happy home life. Fortunately, we have the experience, the know-how and the want to support you in this, which is why we always deliver on our promise, no matter what.

We also appreciate that you have high expectations. Discretion and confidentiality are our chief concern, so when we hire new candidates to bolster our elite team of domestic professionals; we guarantee that they share our passion and desire for being the very best at what we do.

Our House Managers are put through a vigorous and thorough training and recruitment process. This is to ensure that we can rely on them wholeheartedly to represent our agency with the utmost precision and efficiency.

Why are our House Managers So Exceptional at what they do?

Because SAVOIR VIVRE hire only the very best. We make a promise to all of our clients and we have never once failed to deliver on that. We do everything in our power to ensure the highest level of care is delivered to our clients. We source and train only the finest House Managers, so that our clients can relax, safe in the knowledge that their homes are being well taken care of.
Our House Managers are flexible and empathetic and are always on hand and ready to travel at your convenience. They pride themselves in carrying out their contractual duties wholeheartedly, putting the client first no matter what.

There is a strict code of conduct; an ancient etiquette; one that all our staff adhere to – not through fear of losing their jobs, but from a genuine passion and adoration for their chosen careers. Hospitality and Service is more than just a job to us – it’s an ethos.

How to book our House Managers

You can call us at 056 7444 372 or just leave us a message. We will get back to you at our earliest possible convenience, with the perfect candidate to take care of your needs. If you’re looking for the best; you’ve arrived.