Professional full time babysitter and nanny services in the UAE

Babysitter and nanny services by trained professionals

If you’re in need of reliable and trustworthy caretaker for your child, look no further than SAVOIR VIVRE elite housekeeping and nanny services. Since 2013, we have pleased and attended to the needs of the most prestigious and high-class families in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

We guarantee your family professional nannies that are discreet and empathic to the needs of both your family and your child.   We have the highest customer satisfaction in the nanny and baby sitter industry, priding ourselves with perfected excellence from years of experience.   Our cherished clientele include high-society, VIP and celebrity members of society, including many of the royal families. We are perfectly placed to cater to the requirements of the most refined clients.   You will find, that our nannies and babysitters are personally motivated in their work and commitment to your child. We invite you to be part of the SAVOIR VIVRE exclusive network of customers.

We offer the following full time nannies, nurses, tutors, governess and babysitter services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Do you need a nanny that is multi-lingual? Or perhaps you require a babysitter that can travel or even relocate with your family as the need arises? Would you like to have a nanny that is trained and child-centered in their approach? Does your child have special needs?   Whatever the needs and requirements presented, we have the right candidate for you:

  • Nannies
  • Live In Nannies
  • Live Out Nannies
  • Bilingual Nannies
  • Special Needs Nannies
  • Norland Nannies
  • Maternity Nannies
  • Maternity Nurses

Talented and unique individuals as your nanny or babysitter

We understand that you desire to offer the best for your child. Our screening process ensures that we bring the most qualified and dedicated childcarers to your home.   Our nannies and babysitters are able to face situations with poise, good manners and elegance – even the difficult ones.   Our nannies are knowledgeable in the needs of children beyond expectation.

In-house training with international accreditation

Since 2013, we have developed and honed in-house training for all our staff with the mindset of excellence and attention to detail in the work that we do.   We have excellent trained nannies at your disposal, all graduated under our own internationally accredited training program to ensure the highest standard of care and attention for your child.   The professional assigned to you understands the physical, social and emotional development of children, their nutritional and safety needs, and is dedicated to your child’s education.   Excellence in manner and etiquette is a point all candidates from Savoir Vivre strive for naturally. The unique requirements of our clients inspire us to seek and train the most suitable candidates for each post. They understand the honour of working for our high society clients.   Our internationally accredited and recognized training program is carried out by licensed trainers.

Why are we the best full time babysitter and nanny service agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

There are many reasons our clients choose SAVOIR VIVRE to attend to such intimate needs of their family.   We have high-calibre domestic professionals that can perform challenging and demanding tasks with manner and poise. We have years of experience and understand the needs of our clients in great depth, so we know how to get the job done well.   Please join us and experience yourself what we mean by contacting us today.

When you hire a nanny or babysitter from us, we guarantee you this:

A personal, warm and understanding approach to the children under care with training in child physiology and nutrition.   Ability to manage and oversee the safety, learning and development of a child with different needs and abilities.   The chosen candidate is personalised to each client and is the best qualified person available. You will be matched with a professional nanny or babysitter that is right for you and your family.   All the nannies and baby sitters we employ go through meticulous background checks before being accepted.   High standard of work ethic, confidentiality and professional and discreet mannerism are core values expected in all our candidates.   All our professionals are well trained and understand in depth the expectations and job requirements placed on them.   You can trust and rely on our nannies and baby sitters. We seek candidates that are trustworthy, honest and empathic.   But if you should ever be dissatisfied with the service you’ve been promised, we are always here to listen and resolve any and all issues. We prioritise the satisfaction of our clients.

How to book professional a nanny or babysitter service by SAVOIR VIVRE elite housekeeping:

You can call us at 056 7444 372 or leave us a message here.   We will get back to you quickly and with the perfect candidate for your family. When it comes to professional babysitter and nanny services in the UAE, look no further than our dedicated team at Savoir Vivre.