Highly-Professional & Nurturing Maternity Nurses in the UAE

A mother’s pregnancy is best described as a roller-coaster of emotions. You’re constantly awash with an underlying anxiety, mixed with frequent pangs of excitement for the future, followed by dread, followed by guilt, followed by an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness. – Isn’t it exhausting?

You’ve not even had your baby yet and already they’re keeping you up at night, urging you to the bathroom with only a moments notice, quite literally sapping the life from you! Though through all of the stress, bloated feelings, peculiar cravings and ravenous mood-swings; it’s impossible to deny the beauty in it all. After all, you are creating new life from within, – a miracle in its own right.

At SAVOIR VIVRE, we take great pride in offering new mother’s all of the care and assistance that we can. We do this through our highly-professional & nurturing maternity nurses. We proudly offer these services to all of our esteemed clients throughout the UAE.

What You Can Expect to Receive from Our Reputable Maternity Nurses

First of all, a maternity nurse through SAVOIR VIVRE is much more than just a regular maternity nurse. Since 2013 we have been servicing high-class families throughout the UAE, including Royalty and some Hollywood and Bollywood actors. In that time, we have established a strong reputation as being able to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients, no matter what.

In that light, you can rest assured that our maternity nurses will be of the highest caliber, – something which should set you at ease when it comes to rearing your new-born baby.

That being said; it’s difficult to feel at ease with a new-born baby on the way, particularly for first time mothers. All of the books; talks and advice in the world isn’t going to prepare you for the realities of motherhood. But, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t accept help along the way.

Our maternity nurses will be able to provide you with a smooth introduction to motherhood. They will be able to teach you about nutrition, feeding and development; they will be able to inspire confidence in young parents and help to foster positive reactions among the existing children that you might already have; they will guide you, the new mother and ensure that you are eating the right things and getting enough rest (something which is all too easy to neglect in the early stages of parenthood)

In short, you can think of our maternity nurses as the guardian angels that can help you to take the very best care of your new-found treasure.

Why Our Maternity Nurses Are the Very Best in the Business

At SAVOIR VIVRE our clients are of the utmost paramount to us. Everything that we do and everything that we represent, is built on this ideal. We’re about helping families with all matters domestic, no matter what. A close second for us in terms of importance, is our reputation. Our reputation is the constant which drives us forward. – It’s the brand which allows our clients to feel safe in our care, and that is exactly why we hire only the very best.

All of our maternity nurses are put through a thorough recruitment process so that we can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. We run extensive background checks, follow up every single reference and put them through further training (regardless to how much experience they already have)

How to Book Your Maternity Nurse with SAVOIR VIVRE

Want to know more? You can call us on 056 7444 374 or alternatively you can leave us a message here. We will then get back to you at our very earliest convenience so that we can arrange the perfect candidate for you and your family. Simply put, if you want the very best care for your New-Born Baby, then you needn’t look any further than SAVOIR VIVRE.