Efficient. Professional. Discreet.
Our Chambermaids are Unrivalled

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional and highly-qualified Chambermaid to take excellent care of your private sleeping quarters and provide the finest level of quality care, then SAVOIRE VIVRE is the domestic staffing agency for you.

We are a highly reputable and prestigious domestic staffing agency who is renowned for delivering only the very best in terms of service, quality care and discretion, servicing reputable clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE. From 2013 SAVOIR VIVRE has been dedicated to delivering our valued clients with domestic staffing services of the very highest calibre. We have the pleasure of working for some of the highest standing members of society, including several Royal Families, Bollywood and Hollywood actors. So, you can rest assured that we have significant experience in caring for those with the highest standards. Our clients expect a prestige level of professionalism, and we deliver just that, often exceeding their expectations. This is why we hire only the finest candidates to represent our reputable staffing agency, and they carry out all of their duties with an unparalleled level of passion and dedication. We guarantee nothing short of perfection!

Our Chambermaids are the best at what they do, carrying out their duties with artistic precision

While our Chambermaids are able to work closely with a domestic house-keeping team, they’re equally able to take care of any cleaning & light maintenance requirements in a private household on their own. They are able to work confidently and efficiently on their own, ensuring that your personal quarters and living space is kept in a most immaculate condition.

Our Chambermaids are highly qualified and experienced individuals who will be able to afford you the peace of mind, knowing that you will be able to come home a clean and hygienic environment. We take great pride in delivering the best to our clients, and we expect the very same ethos when hiring Chambermaids to represent us.

A truly exceptional Chambermaid will be able to carry out the following duties without any cause of error:

  • Disinfecting counters, tubs, toilets, mirrors windows and any other surfaces which may come into contact in your living areas
  • Hoovering all hallways, floors and carpets – sweeping & mopping any laminate or tiled areas
  • Cleaning rugs and caring for upholstered furniture and items
  • Removing and replacing used and dirty sheets, pillow cases, all towels and other linens used
  • Removing dust from all items and surfaces including lamps, blinds, curtains, wall corners, skirting and doorframes
  • Flipping mattresses and cushions on couches and chairs
  • Replacing any lightbulbs and other various utilities which need updating
  • Emptying bins, ash trays and other trash related duties – including transporting wastage to trash disposal areas
  • An unparalleled attention to detail, cleaning all areas and delivering a perfect cleanliness
  • Caring for children / elderly members of the family, offering companionship and overseeing their personal activities where necessary – including eating, bathing and dressing etc
  • Purchasing any required groceries and other essential items
  • Much more, where necessary

An outstanding Chambermaid will be able to oversee the above tasks and duties without difficulty and will also go above and beyond to ensure that everything is accounted for and that you have everything that you need for maximum comfort.

Our Promise to You

At SAVOIR VIVRE we take great pleasure in providing our valued clientele with the highest level of care and attention. We are proud to assist you in helping towards creating a comfortable home life, and so we promise to deliver nothing short of perfection when it comes down to that. We have the experience, the passion and the know how to support you in any way necessary to ensure that you and your family are entirely comfortable at all times while under your roof.

We promise to not only meet your high expectations, to exceed them as often as we can. We are confident in the staff that we hire and are certain that they will uphold and deliver the very same values that we are constantly striving to inspire in them.

We also fully appreciate how much you value your privacy, which is why discretion and professionalism is one of the chief characteristics that we look for when hiring Chambermaids. We understand that in the privacy of your own home, you expect to be able to be yourselves without fear of anyone being made privy to your secrets. We promise to provide you with only the most discreet and empathetic individuals.

The staff at SAVOIR VIVRE also understand the importance of property, and so we guarantee that you will never have to worry about any of your own personal belongings going missing. This is something that we take incredibly seriously, so you can relax in the knowledge that anything that belongs to you will be afforded the appropriate level of care and consideration.

If you are looking for the very best, we promise to deliver exactly that.

Why our Chambermaids are Unmatched

It’s because we hire only the very best. We put all of our staff through an incredibly thorough and intensive training and recruitment procedure to ensure that we are able to uphold the promises that we give to each and everyone of our valued clients. We look for certain characteristics when hiring and with so much experience in what we do, we know exactly what to look for and how to spot them when we find them. We don’t just hire anyone to represent us, we adopt the finest and most professional individuals who share our passion and enthusiasm.

How to book one of our Chambermaids

You can call us at 056 7444 372 or just leave us a message. We will get back to you at our earliest possible convenience, with the perfect candidate to take care of your needs. If you’re looking for the best; you’ve arrived.