Professional European Nannies & Tutors in Dubai and the UAE

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable and passionate caretaker for your child/ren then you needn’t look any further than SAVOIR VIVRE Elite European Nannies & Tutors services. We have been servicing the needs of some of the most valued and prestigious members of society since 2013.

In that time, we have attended to the domestic requirements for a number of high-class families including Royalty, Hollywood and Bollywood actors. In that light we are able to confidently guarantee that we possess a significant amount of experience in providing only the finest level of care of service to all our cherished clients.

At SAVOIR VIVRE we understand that there is nothing more important than privacy and discretion, particularly when it comes to the dedicated care of your children. That is why we adhere to a strict code when hiring only the most reliable and experience professionals.

Our European Nannies & Tutors are Flexible and Efficient

One of the major benefits of hiring a European Nanny & Tutor is the fact that they are able to relocate with your family should the need arise, particularly if you are looking at travelling through Europe with your family from time to time.

Due to the fact that they are European residents, they will not have to obtain a Visa when travelling to various countries throughout the EU. This allows for your peace of mind, in the knowledge that you can move around more efficiently, absent any cause for disrupting your child/rens dedicated care.

Talented and Unique, Bilingual Individuals Taking Care of Your Children

Since 2013 we have been constantly re-fining our thorough training and recruitment process so as to be able to source only the most unique and passionate individuals to take care of our clients. Our European Nannies & Tutors have been carefully and thoroughly vetted to ensure that they can deliver the finest level of care and attention for your little ones.

The professional that we will assign to your child/ren has a thorough grasp and understanding of the physical, social and emotional development of children, their nutritional and safety needs, and is dedicated to your child’s education.

Just as we do, our European Nannies & Tutors pride themselves in working with such valued members of society. Thus, they are well-versed when it comes to educating youngsters in etiquette and demonstrate it through their own social prowess and refinement.

Bilinguals Have a Deeper Understanding of People and the World

Another of the major benefits of having a European Nanny & Tutor looking after your child is the unique advantages that come with being bilingual. Studies show that those who speak multiple languages have an innate empathy and possess a deeper understanding of people and the World around them.

This will translate wonderfully when it comes to raising and tutoring your children. Not only that but the benefits of introducing another language to your child/ren at such a young age can aid significantly with their personal development, and the way that they approach problem solving and education. 

Why are Out European Nannies & Tutors Services the Very Best?

 There are many reasons why our clients decide to choose SAVOIR VIVRE to attend to the more intimate needs of their family and home life. For one, we boast a high-calibre of domestic professional who can perform demanding and challenging tasks with poise and refinement. We have a significant amount of experience in the industry and thoroughly understand the needs of our clients. Everything that we put our name to is handled with the highest level of excellence – that is our promise and we have never faltered.

When You Hire a European Nanny & Tutor Through Us, We Promise You This:

  • We promise to provide you with a personalised, warm and understanding approach to the children that are under our care. Our Nannies and Tutors are highly trained and possess a thorough understanding of child physiology and nutrition.
  • We promise that our Nannies & Tutors will be able to comfortable manage and oversee the safety, learning and development of your child/rens individual requirements.
  • We promise to provide you with only the most suitable individual from our pool of professional candidates who will provide the best possible care for your child/ren.
  • We promise that all of our Nannies & Tutors have been through meticulous background checks before even being considered.
  • We promise that all of our staff have the highest standard of work ethic, confidentiality and professional discretion – They share the core values that we treasure as a business.
  • We promise that you can wholeheartedly trust and rely on your Nannies & Tutors.

Of course, should you ever feel dissatisfied with our services or you don’t think that your chosen candidate is suitable for your child/rens needs, then we’re always here to listen and respond appropriately.

How to Book Your European Nanny & Tutor through SAVOIR VIVRE elite housekeeping:

You can call us at 056 7444 37 or leave us a message here.   We will get back to you quickly and with the perfect candidate for your family. When it comes to professional European Nanny & Tutor services in Dubai and the UAE;  look no further than our dedicated team at SAVOIR VIVRE.