One of the most difficult things about being a working mother, is returning to your job after your maternity leave. What’s even harder, is finding the perfect nanny who you can trust and rely on to take the very best care of your new-born.

In this article we are going to explore 10 tips for finding the perfect match for you and your family, so that you can make an informed decision and return to work with confidence, in the knowledge that your little one is in safe hands.

1 – Be Vigilant with Your Search Criteria

There’s so much more to finding the right nanny than simply placing somebody with significant experience. You need to ensure that you will get along well with your nanny as well as your children. Refine your search criteria and be as choosey as you like – after all, you’ll be placing your baby’s life in their hands.

2 – Ensure that They Have Significant Experience with Infants

It doesn’t matter how much you really like them or how much potential that you believe them to have; if your prospective nanny has little to no experience with infants, then you should probably reconsider. You need to feel entirely confident in your decision, which means that they must be aware of all of the pitfalls and dangers that a new-born baby faces. This means constant supervision and the desire to provide an unparalleled level of comfort and support.

3 – Take an Open Interview Approach

By this we mean that it is important for you to allow your prospective nanny to ask as many questions as possible. While you should obviously have a list of important questions and requirements prepared, you can also learn a lot about a nanny by the questions that they ask you. This will give you an indication as to how serious they are about meeting all of your requirements and taking the very best care of your baby.

4 – Follow Up References

Throughout the hiring period, you should endeavour to follow up as many references as you can. When hiring through a prestigious agency, you can rest assured that their staff will have been thoroughly and carefully vetted, however you would also do well to follow these up yourself. This will help you feel confident when finding the right fit for you and your family.


5 – Introduce them to Your Baby Before You Make Your Decision

Just as you should let a prospective nanny know that they are in competition with other candidates, you should also endeavour to introduce them to your baby during the interview process. This will give you a clear and instant indication as to how well they take to your child, and how comfortable your child appears to be with them. It’s impossible to miss a naturally maternal woman as they simply glow with passion and empathy.

6 – First Aid Trained and CPR Certified

The only way that you will be able to truly relax with your baby in someone else’s care, is if you know that they are fully trained and prepared to take care of your baby in any scenario. This means that they should be first aid trained, with CPR certification for infants. You need a carer who be able to remain calm in any situation and know exactly when to call for medical assistance and when to wait. The last thing you need is to hire a nanny who starts flapping and panicking at the slightest sign of discomfort.

7 – Go with Your Gut

While there are many factors that you must consider, if you’re faced with several candidates who tick all of the boxes you’ll invariably have to go with your gut. We have an innate 6th sense when it comes to who we can and cannot trust, particularly if you’re a mother. You should hire someone that you feel at ease around and someone that you instantly get along and connect with.

8 – Flexibility is the Key

New-born babies are a nightmare when it comes to routine, generally because they tend not to have one. In order for a stress-free life, you need to hire a nanny or an au pair who can be incredibly flexible with their time. This will take the pressure off you when it comes to those late nights and mega-early mornings.

9 – Hire Before You Go Back to Work

Another great way for you to feel confident in leaving your child in the hands of someone else is by having them shadow you for a little while. Even if its only a few days or a week, at least they will have a clear indication as to how you want your baby to be raised. In addition to that, you can treat it as a probationary period where you’ll be able to clearly see if you’ve made the right decision.

10 – Stay in Touch

It’s always refreshing to work with a nanny who is happy to stay in contact with you throughout the day. Even if it’s the occasional text every few hours, or a quick snap of them fast asleep after a feed. This allows you the peace of mine so that you can go about your day and work hard without any cause for concern.


It’s a long process, though ultimately one which will be worth it, particularly if you follow these 10 steps closely. Take your time, relax and you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect match for you and your family!