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Fine Art Maintenance, Cleaning & Preservation Tips

In this post we’re going to take a look at fine art, ways that they deteriorate over time and steps that you can take to alleviate it. When cared for correctly, you can preserve the original quality of a piece of artwork and maintain its beauty for the foreseeable future. Why spend so much money […]

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How to clean delicate silver?

Regarding cutlery in a royal palace or luxury setting, is there a finer way to dine than with silverware? Even in ancient civilisations, people have always recognised the value in silver, and have long been using it to make cutlery for eating. A little-known fact about silver, is that it has anti-septic properties. Simply put […]

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Can a Royal palace be managed like a luxury hotel or is there more?

When it comes to managing a royal palace, there are a number of similarities to that of a luxury hotel. Of course, there are a number of etiquettes that must be adhered to, but they’re not so dissimilar in that excellence and precision are of the greatest importance. In this post, we’re going to look […]

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Top 5 characteristics of the Royal Butler skill-set

The role of a butler is an incredibly important one. For centuries, they have been serving large households, keeping everything organised and on track. Traditionally, a butler will be in charge of a large team of servants, maintaining the dining room, cellar and pantry, and ensuring that all things service-related ran like clockwork. It takes […]

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On Mannerism: The Top 10 Principles of a Formal Royal Palace

If you wish to work in a prestigious setting, such as a Royal Palace, then there are many principles that you must live by. Not just anyone is afforded the great honour of being able to work in a Royal Setting. Instead, the honour is entrusted to those who embrace the following 10 principles: 1 […]

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Does my Private Chef Need to Have a Food Hygiene Certification?

Ultimately, it would very much be down to your own discretion. That being said; you would be taking a big risk, particularly if you have children with allergies. As far as we are concerned, food hygiene certification should be a given. No reputable chef worth their salt would ever dare apply for a job without […]

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