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Product: Advanced Guide for Mannerism and Etiquette
Usage: In-house self training and development.
Material: Online PDF download


We have developed the Advanced Guide for Mannerism and Etiquette to help you develop your house-keeping attendant or a domestic helper and groom their day-to-day etiquette and manners. It has been designed to cover all the vital areas so that you will enjoy first class experience in your household or a hotel.

• Savoir Vivre Etiquette
• Day-to-day best practices
• Child manners at a glance
• Grocery shopping & cooking
• Table setting
• Tea time etiquette
• Hosting a party page
• Etiquettes when attending party page
• Candle handlings
• Personal grooming
• Housekeeping best practices
• Pest Control

This Guide is selective and exclusive for Savoir Vivre clients and should not be distributed to any third parties.

Copyrights: Savoir Vivre Domestic Dubai, UAE. Not to be distributed to any third parties without prior written consent from the Company issuer.

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