We believe that anyone who is responsible for taking care of a little life, should be well-trained when it comes to first aid and CPR. It shouldn’t be optional, it should be absolutely mandatory. When it comes to our recruitment process, we ensure that all of our nannies have been fully trained in first aid and CPR. We will put them through rigorous and thorough training exercises to ensure that they will be able to safely and effectively offer the finest level of care to our clients’ children.

Nobody likes thinking about their children’s mortality, or the potential dangers of them suffering from sudden injury or illness. This is why so many parents tend not to consider whether a nanny is first aid and CPR trained. Most people will assume that the nanny will have a thorough understanding of how to care for a child which will inherently include some basic first aid training. But rarely do they think about the prospect of their children being in a devastating situation where they are alone with their nanny and in desperate need of CPR. This is why we must always consider the possibilities, no matter how painful they are to imagine.

By hiring a nanny who has significant experience in first aid and CPR, not only will you be able to fully relax in the knowledge that they are in the safest hands, it also pays to have someone around who can help with anyone in need during a traumatic situation. Of course, the priority being your children.

In addition to that, a nanny with CPR and first aid training will invariably be significantly more confident with your children, knowing that they are equipped and capable of taking care of them, no matter what. This will allow them to carry out their duties to the very best of their abilities. When it comes to your children, you should not take any chances. Hiring a nanny with the relevant training and experience could very well be the difference between life and death. If in the event that you absolutely fall in love with a nanny and feel that they would be perfectly suited to your children and family; then you must make sure that they get the appropriate training immediately if they haven’t already.

What First AID and CPR Training Means for You and Your Children

Again, with SAVOIR VIVRE, whether or not your nanny will be first aid or CPR trained is something that you will not have to worry about. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a wholesome and exceptional level of care. The only way that we can maintain that promise, is to hire the very best in the business. Our first aid and CPR trained nannies will be able to do the following:

  • Respond well and appropriately to minor accidents and incidents
  • Have an understanding of when an injury should be brought to their parents (and emergency services) attention
  • Will be able to effectively articulate what has occurred in a particular scenario in a timely fashion so as to aid the emergency services optimally
  • They will be well-versed and competent in the use of first aid supplies
  • Be able to easily identify which injuries require immediate medical attention
  • Identify any potential risks and dangers in and around the home, and thoughtfully making suggestions to the parents with ways to improve their overall safety

Hiring a nanny who is able to respond like the above, will make all the difference in your home. It’s stressful enough as it is when having to leave your children in the care of somebody else. However, when you know just how competent and well-trained our nannies are, you really will have no reason to worry. Instead you can focus on going about your business, in the knowledge that when you return home, all will be well.