Savoir Vivre has created for you a critical steps for finding a perfect nanny. Those are genuinely fundamental guidance steps as we would like to avoid the confusion on so much info knowing of the importance of the role and the desired outcome when finding a nanny. The search for the nanny can be a genuinely demanding in terms of time effectively, and then obviously the leverage the household needs to bring and decide on hiring themselves or via reputed agency.

Step #1: Decide The Level of Nanny

It is of a so much essence the level of the nanny you are after and the type of the employment. Namely, nannies can be both live in and live out and most be sponsored by yourself if you are a household based in Emirates. There are couple of levels that you may look into: experienced nanny, caregiver, nurse, tutor or a governance, maternity nurse and pre-school nanny. This is only a very narrow distinction which is easily decided by the age of the kids nanny has to babysit.

Step #2: Know Where To Look & How to Look

You always can opt for a personal search, and this has is positives and limitations. Positives are obviously you are not paying for the search, but negative is that the Agencies always have a bigger and better capacity, than only relying on a word of a mouth. Of essence is that the Agency should be able as well as to advice, guide and assist with the search and the documentation formalities that can be a daunting task at many occasions.

Step #3: Reference Check

A well reputed Agency would definitely have done that in finding a candidates with verified CVs, to start the process. And upon a selection and positive feedback of the interview process should be able to obtain and or submit the basic documentation to the household, pertaining mainly of: education certificates, reference letters from previous jobs, fit medical test and the criminal record (if applies) this in case candidate comes for the first time in the relevant country of hire. In Emirates visa processing procedure covers this.

Step #4: Personality Test

There are plenty online resources you can find in order to assess the personality of the nanny you wish to hire. We recommend using ones from the International Nanny Association and we consider those are very competent body in nanny-ing world.

Step #5: Pre-joining Agreement Formalities

We love this step! Because shows professionalism and good intention from both parties. We prefer to glide all those small details so that the start is relevant and fresh and both parties has accepted the terms of each side positively and committed to it. If you need a sample of those Agreements we are pleased to furnish you accordingly as those are the basis for a positive, promising and happy future.

Wishing you an enjoyable nanny search!