There are several universal spiritual tools that help you realize your true potential and develop a sense of purpose in life. By following these few it is essential to understand the benefits of human dignity, tolerance, connecting to self, community and the world.

Rule #1

There are rules in the game of life. Following the rules will lead you to a happier and more fulfilled life and will help you to discover and optimize your true potential.

Rule #2

The goal in life is to achieve spiritual fulfillment that is a non-physical fulfillment. More toys! Extra candy! New video games! It seems that no matter how much we receive, we always want more. Spiritual fulfillment includes security, happiness, love and confidence.

Rule #3

I can’t do it!” “I’m not good at anything!” “I’m so dumb!” sometimes I hear those phrases of frustration and feel discouraged, doubtful or ready to give up. But I need to realize that if I am able to recognize my own Light, self-worth, innate goodness and unique abilities, I will understand my real essence.

Rule #4

We have an opponent in the game of life. The players in the game of life are the two inner voices—our True Voice and the Opponent Voice (sometimes known as the ego). Whether it’s eating junk food, fighting with friends or cheating on a test, we often catch ourselves doing things we shouldn’t do. I have to understand that in life I have to make decisions in my best interest.

Rule #5

We can be wise in life and choose to listen to our True Voice at any time. We have to follow the voice that says we should be sharing lunch with a friend and inviting the newcomers in class to help them to get to know a group and the school better. Long-lasting fulfillment and happiness are a result of choices we make for ourselves.

Rule #6

Making an effort to listen to the True Voice inside us leads to long-lasting fulfillment. Our immediate reactions to challenges happen so quickly that all seems impossible to control and even harder to overcome, but there is a formula that can help stop these fast reactions – by being proactive and thinking before I react or say something.

Rule #7

Sharing makes room for us to receive more. True sharing means sharing with love, to help and without expectations. Sharing my toys, space and kindness will allow me to receive more. We must understand that sharing is not always physical only.

Rule #8

Change begins with me. You have a potential to be a leader in your life. By following those principles and learning more, I can recognize my ability to be a leader in everyday life and understand that my actions of sharing and caring, big or small, will create change and make a difference.

Spirituality For Kids helps children to tap into their inner strengths and see that the power to overcome any challenge lies within them.  By helping kids understand the benefits of human dignity, tolerance, connecting to self, community, and the world, they are better equipped to become leaders in their homes, schools and communities. And allow kids to tap into their true potential.

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