A Royal Governess holds an incredibly prestigious roll and is instrumental with overseeing the everyday lives of royal children and seeing to it that they are well educated, respectful and learn about etiquette, religious and cultural customs.

An experienced and well-rounded Royal Governess will spend many years working very closely with the children in Royal Families ensuring that they grow up to be well-rounded, intelligent and culturally empathetic adults.

The day to day lives of a member of a Royal family often incredibly busy, having to attend a wide range of events on a weekly basis. This can make it difficult for royal parents to dedicate as much time to their children as they’d like, which is why a Royal Governess is so vital, essentially being the glue that holds a family together.



On an average day for a Royal Governess serving a family in the United Arab Emirates, they begin their day with prayer. Even if the Royal Governess is not of Muslim Faith, they will have great knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Islamic values, which will invariably have to be instilled in the Royal children. So, they will begin by joining the children in Prayer.



Following that they will sit down for a healthy and substantial breakfast with the children. This time is often used to catch up with the children and perhaps test them on some subjects they have been working on recently (much to the children’s disagreement) Naturally, a Royal Governess will also be duty-bound to instil etiquette and table manners, which is something that they will often have to remind the children of on a daily basis. ‘Elbow’s off the table!’ – ‘Don’t talk with your mouth full!’



Of course, the main duties of a Royal Governess is delivering the highest-quality education. Many families in the UAE will want their children to receive a Western education, with a focus on Islamic values and a diverse knowledge of history both in the Middle-East and the rest of the world. After breakfast and prayer, a Royal Governess will begin the day by starting class with the children.

A reputable and experienced Royal Governess will have a thoroughly planned out curriculum in place which will incorporate all of the important things that all young children should learn: English, Mathematics and the Sciences.



After several hours of schooling the Royal children it will be time to take a much needed break. If the children want to use this time to play, they may do so – however, not before sitting down and sharing a delicious and healthy lunch. A Royal Governess may occasionally get involved with some of the playtime activities, though more often will oversee them and make sure that they are playing safely and respectfully.


Further Studies

Following lunch, the children will continue their learning with their Royal Governess. Again, depending on the curriculum that they are learning, there will likely be a number of written and practical tests throughout. An effective Royal Governess is constantly teaching the children in all aspects of their life, not just the academic side of things.



Their studies will go on into the late afternoon/early evening, where eventually the children will be free to enjoy some time to themselves. The Royal Governess will often sit down and have dinner with the royal children as well. Following that, a Royal Governess will be able to return to her quarters and spend some quality time relaxing.


The sacred duties of a Royal Governess are honourable and hold great value. There is something magical about shaping children into healthy, intelligent and decent adults – particularly when they have as much influence as a Royal family member does. Every single thing that a Royal Governess does, works towards the future of the Royal family, their reputation and the great work that they continue to do for their people.