One of the most important aspects of being a domestic staffing agency (besides the client of course) is our employees. Our team of domestic technicians represent us in everything that they do, which is why we take great pride in taking great care of them. Acting as a family has always been important to us, given that we are providing our clients with exceptional individuals who will likely become an extension of theirs.

Due to recent changes in our laws and the fact that the authorities in the UAE are striving to improve the rights of domestic workers, we would like to thank absolutely everyone involved. Naturally, we have always done right by our staff and will always continue to do so – though unfortunately, in the past other agencies have not been so forthright.

Thankfully however, there have been many changes made by our local authorities who are always working tirelessly to improve the lives of everyone living in this beautiful region of the world. We believe in fair trade, fair opportunity and equality. SAVOIR VIVRE has built its reputation on providing the highest standard of care to our clients and the only way that we can maintain that promise is by doing right by our staff. Well, it’s safe to say that the proof is in the pudding, as our clients are satisfied with our domestic workers because we absolutely love what we do!

Again, hospitality isn’t just a job for people like us, it’s a lifestyle – it’s an ethos that we live by. When you get in to the hospitality industry, you do so from a passion for taking care of others. There’s an inherent level of empathy in all of us, which is why we are so proud to see such positive changes in our laws regarding domestic workers and their rights.

Let’s take a look at some of the positive changes which have now become legally binding as sourced from

  • Domestic workers must be paid within 10 days of payment due date
  • No domestic worker should have to work more than 12 hours a day
  • All domestic workers should have at least 12 hours of rest – with 8 hours consecutive rest before resuming work
  • Domestic workers should be provided with medical insurance
  • Employers are liable to provide foreign domestic workers with a paid round-trip ticket home at least once every 2 years (with quality accommodation provided while in the UAE)
  • Employers must provide quality and substantial meals and clothing suitable for work
  • In the event of a complaint from any domestic workers, litigation will be swift and just, free of charge
  • No domestic workers are to be under the age of 18
  • No discrimination (be it racial, religious, gender, political etc) will be tolerated under any circumstance
  • No abuse of any nature is to be tolerated
  • No domestic workers should be forced to or feel obliged to do anything that is not written into their contract

It’s a shame for common decency to have to become a legal requirement before everyone can abide by it, though we’re pleased all the same to see such positive changes in full effect. We value all of our employees no matter what their role in our agency, as everyone represents our prestigious and reputable brand with passion and dignity – the same way in which everyone should be treated, always.