Finding a suitable candidate to help with taking care of your children is no simple nor straightforward task. In part, because you want to find someone who is reliable and qualified, though will also mix well with your children; but also, because you need somebody who is flexible and able to travel without too much hassle.

For the modern upper-class family who spend a significant amount of time travelling around, whether for business or for leisure, it’s always helpful having a qualified Nanny who can attend. (Particularly when you’re an incredibly busy, career driven parent with many social, political and business-related obligations.

Some people worry what others might think and believe that perhaps hiring a Nanny is seen as being ‘lazy’, or that mother’s who do as such are ‘selfish and inattentive’, – but of course, this could not be further from the truth. It’s very easy to make such lazy and ill-informed assumptions when time is a luxury.

Hiring a Nanny is a wonderfully attentive privilege which can allow your children to have all of the attention and enriching socialisation that they deserve, during the times when you’re unable to do so due to other pressing obligations.

In this post we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits of hiring a European Nanny to assist you with your parental duties.


1 – Ease of Travel

One of the key benefits for hiring a European Nanny is of course, their European passport. This allows them to travel through Europe without having to attain a visa on entry, which makes the entire process significantly easier and inexpensive.

So, should you and your family want to jet off for a family holiday or any other reasons you might have; your Nanny will be able to come with you without any cause for concern.


2 – Multilingual

A European Nanny will have an excellent command of the English language, and more often that not is able to speak at least one or more language in addition to their native tongue. This comes with a number of benefits in itself. For example: in relation to travelling throughout Europe, there’s a good chance that your Nanny will be able to help you with translation and communication with the locals, making your journey far more comfortable and efficient.

On top of that, multilingual people make excellent teachers and mentors. This is due to their innate level of empathy that comes with being able to think and communicate in different languages.

This can also be highly beneficial for your child/ren, particularly if they’re exposed to several different languages from such a young age. This will give them an advantage when it comes to their brains development (especially with regards to language and problem solving.


3 – Excellent Education

Many countries in Europe offer free education, so you can rest assured that every European Nanny will have been to university and experienced a successful academic career. The additional benefits of being able to speak multiple languages will have given them a significant advantage throughout their education as well. This can allow you the peace of mind in the knowledge that your children will be well-attended and exposed to a plethora of knowledge from an early age.


4 – All of the Benefits of Hiring a Nanny in General

Of course, the benefits listed above are just a handful of the benefits which come from hiring a Nanny, which is something that we would highly recommend. This will free you up with much more time to focus on your career, whilst ensuring that your family have all of the care and attention that they need. Then, you’ll be able to optimise and spend your time better, ensuring that the moments that you do spend with your children are full of fun, joy and enrichment.