There are many ways in which hiring a nanny can be great for your family, particularly if you live a very busy lifestyle. In this article we are going to explore some of these pros, with an additional focus on the extended benefits of hiring a European Nanny, in particular.

 European Nanny

Reduced Stress

The main benefit of hiring a Nanny to help out is reducing your overall stress levels. If you’ve a busy life with an important career, it can be rather time consuming. This makes it even harder for you to balance your work and home life. Hiring a Nanny can take the pressure off, allowing you to focus more on having a stress-free start to your day, while your Nanny can focus on getting the children ready for school, feeding them and dropping them off.

Complete Care

A Nanny will be entirely dedicated to your children’s developmental needs. This means that on those evenings when you’re unable to make it home until late, your children will be in safe hands, receiving all of the care and attention that they require.

Healthy Routine

Hiring the help of a Nanny allows your children to maintain a healthy routine in the comfort of their own home. The familiar surroundings are beneficial for their sleeping and eating habits.

Additional Flexibility

As a parent, one of the hardest things is having to let your child down. Often when work takes over or if any other vital appointments arise that require your attention; our children can be affected. Whether that’s in the form of them being picked up late from school, or missing out on any extra-curricular activities they may take part in.

Hiring a Nanny can afford you more flexibility, so if you do require help at the last minute, you’ll be completely covered, and your children will not be left in the lurch.


We are social creatures which is why it is vital that your children have plenty of interaction, particularly in the early stages of their development. When hiring a Nanny to assist your family you will be affording your children the opportunity to build strong relationships with other people in your absence.

And of course, with the additional flexibility, you will be able to diarise your week more efficiently so that you can comfortably dedicate some quality-time to being with your children as often as you can.

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The additional benefits of hiring a European Nanny

One of the key benefits from hiring a European Nanny, is the fact that they will not need to acquire a visa for any other European countries. This makes life much easier when it comes to travelling with the family or going on holiday. Just pack your bags, book your tickets and away you go!

Bilingual Nanny

A European Nanny will typically be bilingual, which is a huge benefit in itself. Studies show that people who are bilingual have a deeper understanding of the World, other people and are often more creative. With this unique perspective and an innate empathy, your European Nanny will have an incredible advantage when it comes to building a strong relationship with your children.

Raise Your Children Bilingual

This point may not be for everyone, though a recent study showed that bilingual children were better at solving puzzles compared to monolingual children, so there is an advantage in doing so:

Let’s say for example that you hire a French Nanny to help with raising your new-born. You could request that your Nanny only ever speak to your child in French, while you and everyone else in their life will speak to them in their mother-tongue. It is of course, ultimately up to you though.


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