Here at Savoir Vivre we help employ the Royal Families with their immediate staffing. One of the most critical and sensitive position we deploy is a Royal Governess may be version of Governess & Nanny or a Tutoring post depending on the age of the kids. Below is the typical activities the Governess would resume when it comes to her obligations and responsibilities.

  • Focused on the full-time or part-time education of school age and kindergarten age children
  • May also be the nanny to the children but more formal and tutoring tasks across all school subjects
  • Make list of activities, hobbies, interests
  • Take care of the education, physical and emotional well being of the children
  • Make sure the children learn proper manners and etiquette
  • Help them groom for social events when and if required
  • Travel and escort kids when and if needed
  • Convey, help and oversee work assignments
  • Support the children’s hobbies and make a log of activities
  • Might cook and/or manage light chores related to the children

One of the premium objects of definition when it comes to hiring one except competency is definitely Governess personality, and every Royal Household has its own sets of prerequisites we follow to finding one. Last but not the least if the confidentiality and the integrity of the Royal Governess are on the top leader of the search and deploy criteria.

Aside for the Governess our company deploys all across the positions required for the Palaces such as: butlers, chefs, protocol attendance, housekeepers, gardeners, lady-maids, nurses, chauffeurs, security, florist, beautician and more.

Our company provides a free basic Mannerism and Protocol guides for those employed in Royal Palaces by Savoir Vivre and the orientation programs.